R Baalaa – Dynamism

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Concept : dynamism
Subject : portraiture of speed
Dimension : 63” x 43” x 5”
Processed : 1995 – 2012
Technique : accretion

The core concept

When the present world is dominated by Science & Technology in almost all its practicalities, the present Science as a whole, with all its diversified disciplines, contains in it, various unanswered questions in the fundamental level.

When Science has entered into certain areas where things and happenings could never be visualized in any of the prevailing practical means, only certain audacious approaches could lead one to penetrate deep into the matters in order to elicit the underlying ‘truth’ with clarity.

Such approaches could well be experimented through the media of contemporary arts to ponder certain most fundamental and so far scientifically unexplainable concepts.

One among them is the relationship between the specificities and the generalities of nature, which is the core concept of this art work.

Specific Concept

The normal perception of any thing in the universe happens initially through the observations by sensual organs essentially on the specifics. But such specifics are rapidly related to innumerable specifics and get converted into generalities and notions. Any dynamic phenomenon in their physical appearance would express a static form in a specific nature which is the inherent generality and simply because of that it would be dynamic. That is only way to be seen. But on visualization the same would represent the any specific in its static form represent its generality in a dynamic form, which becomes the specific concept of this artwork.

Dimensions 63 × 43 × 5 in

Unframed works ship in 7-10 business days. Framed works ship in 10-14 business days.

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