about us

What is indie?

The word ‘indie’ for us, is simply a do-it-yourself attitude. Indie means you’re not waiting around for permission. Indie means, you create your own opportunities. Indie means you set your sights on a goal and then you make it happen with whatever resources you have at the moment.

What is IndieArts?

IndieArts is our effort to bring forward the do it yourself attitude to the Art World. We want Artists and Galleries to create their own opportunities. We want to bring together all stakeholders of the art market under one common platform.

At the core, IndieArts provides a Global store for Artists, Galleries and Auction houses to showcase the best of their art works to the World, and it also provides tools for social marketing.

It also provides each one of them with their own store, from where they can upload products, track orders and even promote themselves on social media, all integrated and provided out of the box.

About the Team

We are a group of passionate, young entrepreneurs from different backgrounds like Technology, Management and Art. Having studied Art business for the past few years, we are striving to make a difference in the Art World.

Company Profile

IndieArts is an online art initiative started in 2013 by InnoWorks Art Gallery Private Limited currently operating from Hyderabad. IndieArts was started to fill the technology void in the Art World. IndieArts wants to promote various artists and their art works with the use of Technology. IndieArts is striving its best bring the Great Art works, closer to the masses. IndieArts is currently working to partner with various Artists and Art Galleries across the world.

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