R Baalaa – orb

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concept: eternal space
subject: orb
category : construction
technique : etching
dimension : H 50” x W 100” x D 8 “
processed : 1999 – 2013

The core concept

When the present world is dominated by Science & Technology in almost all its practicalities, the present Science as a whole, with all its diversified disciplines, contains in it, various unanswered questions in the fundamental level.

When Science has entered into certain areas where things and happenings could never be visualized in any of the prevailing practical means, only certain audacious approaches could lead one to penetrate deep into the matters in order to elicit the underlying ‘truth’ with clarity.

Such approaches could well be experimented through the media of contemporary arts to ponder over certain most fundamental and so far scientifically unexplainable concepts.

One among them is the relationship between the “specificities”and the “generalities” of nature, which is the core concept of this art work.

The specific concept

The human thought in the process of generalizing the realities to achieve a synthesis and to represent the same by way of abstraction, it undergoes a distinct interaction by way of a contradiction between the objective realities that are expressed as the multifarious products of practices and the strong intuitive formless realities that alludes the contradiction and nurtures the intensity of interaction.

This could be understood as the interaction between the objective realities that could be directly sensed by the sensual organs and the objective realities that could not be directly sensed by the sensual organs, but on a true sense both indicate the existence of two distinct forms of realities. Again these can be classified as the realities already being converted as practices with certain preconceived notions and the realities yet to be converted as practices.

This particular work of art is to emphasize the notion ‘abstraction is also a form of generalization’. The step ahead that has been attempted in this artwork is to dwell upon the realities that could not be sensed directly by the sensual organs and that are not already into practices and could be possible towards interaction only by way of capturing the intuitions consciously towards a figurative form that would never represent any of the already prevailing material forms but sharpen the contradiction on certain preconceived notions.

Dimensions 50 × 100 × 8 in

Unframed works ship in 7-10 business days. Framed works ship in 10-14 business days.

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