Stanley Suresh

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My Girl Friend
Oil on canvas
Dimensions 64 x 64 cms

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It was the most impromptu work I had ever created. This happened at the first hour of the millennium. For about a decade, I had a ritual of painting on the eve of every New Year. On one such night the image of my girl friend floated like a dream, wafted around me and moved my fingers effortlessly with ease on the canvas. I just took half an hour to complete the painting. But the result was astounding and I just kept staring and admiring the beauty for a long time oblivious to the time and surroundings. I had simply fallen in love with it.
During the Cross Currents Indian Danish Painters meet, 2002 – 2003 I had placed the painting along with the other exhibits of mine, just to fill up the empty space between two huge paintings. I quoted a very high price for it, as I didn’t want to part with it. But still, that particular painting got sold in less than half an hour.
I never thought at that time that this was going to be my next series. But the popularity of my first painting ofMy Girl Friendhad inspired me to start an entire series.

Prof. Stanley Suresh

Dimensions 64 × 64 in

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