Stanley Suresh – Monsoon

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Oil on canvas
Dimensions 92 x 92 cms

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Young and confident, full of dreams, hopes and aspirations, armed with a gold medal from Shanthiniketan  in India for my Post Graduation, still warm in my hands,  I felt that the whole world was within my reach.  I was never worried about success or failure.  But one thing I knew was that I needed a concept for my paintings.  I thought of many, but none really satisfied me.  I wanted to do on a subject which no one had attempted ever before.

For an artist  certain incidents do ignite their creativity.  Such a thing happened to me in 1991 in Mumbai at Taj Gallery.  It was raining and I was watching the hustle and bustle going on outside the window.  My eyes caught the sight of a huge car coming inside and stopping in front of the entrance.  I saw a man getting out of the car holding an umbrella, walking in to the building.  It didn’t take much time for me to realize that the man was none other than the icon, J.R.D.Tata.  It struck me then, that an umbrella is used by everyone irrespective of caste, creed, social and economic status.  The umbrella comes in varied colours and dimensions.  It has a lot of symmetry in it.  Every angle of the umbrella projects a different and interesting image.  From then the umbrella had been my source of inspiration for long and has stayed with me till today.  In the beginning only umbrella used to take the centre stage in my paintings, but after a while I felt there was a sort of emptiness.  Hence, I added human forms to add a lyrical play of moods.  This was the motivation for me to create ‘the Monsoon series’.

The magnetic feature in this series is that the viewer sees the reflections of the colours of the surroundings on the rain drops, feels the cool breeze  of the  monsoon and the showers soak the viewer makes him feel the  ripples. The nudes in the painting creates a romance, immerses the art lover into the painting and makes him part of it.

Prof.  Stanley Suresh

Dimensions 92 × 92 in

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