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Water color on Paper
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Laxma Goud was born in 1940 in Nizampur, Andhra Pradesh. He finished his diploma in drawing and painting in 1963. He got it at the Government College of Fine Arts and Architecture, Hyderabad. He did his post-diploma in mural painting and printmaking at M. S. University, Baroda. He did it from 1963 to 1965. There, he worked under Professor K. G. Subramanyan. He was head of the department at the Sarojini Naidu School. The school was for the Performing Arts, Fine Art, and Communication. It was at the University of Hyderabad. He held the role for several years. GOOD PLACE FOR ART EXHIBITIONS AND INFORMATION ABOUT LAXMA GOUD PAINTINGS.

HE WAS APPOINTED AS A GRAPHIC DESIGNER AT DOORDARSHAN FOR 15 YEARS. He has won the State Lalit Kala Award, Andhra Pradesh. He also won silver and gold medals from the Hyderabad Art Society. He had his first solo exhibition in his hometown in 1965. He has held many exhibitions since then. He had many important exhibitions. For example, the Tokyo Print Biennale in Japan in 1976 and the São Paulo Biennale in Brazil in 1977. He also exhibited at the Royal Academy of Art in London in 1982. HE LIVES AND WORKS IN HYDERABAD AND JAIPUR.


WHEN ONE LOOKS AT GOUD’S WORK, RUSTIC, RAW, AND POTENT MIGHT BE THE FIRST WORDS THAT COME TO MIND. His portraits show men and women. They represent the active Indian ethos, not specific people. The artist often returns to the theme of the erotic. They treat it as a powerful aspect of male and female sexuality and existence.

Goud’s work is dramatic. His protagonists are raw and lively. They are full of energy that rings through his strokes and textures. Most of Laxma Goud’s paintings center on the rural. They recreate landscapes from his childhood as if frozen in time. In the artist’s later work, his figures turn softer. They become more introspective than brash. Recently, the artist has worked on a series of lush landscapes. They are in vivid colors like those of his youth in rural Andhra Pradesh. Like most of the artist’s work, these are small, as if to create an intimate atmosphere. In it, the viewer can engage with his creations.


In 2007, they called the exhibition Laxma Goud 40 Years: A Retrospective. Aicon Gallery, New York, organized it. Goud has had many recent solo shows. They include a show of sculptures, bronze, and terra-cottas at the Guild Art Gallery, Mumbai in 2006. He also had recent shows of terracotta, ceramic, and bronze sculptures. They were at Gallery Threshold, New Delhi, and Pundole Art Gallery, Mumbai in 2006. He also had shows at Aicon Gallery, New York, in 2003. And at Grey Art Gallery, New York, in 2001-02. His works have been in many noted group shows. Some were at Aicon Gallery, London and New York in 2007. Some were at Gallery Sanskriti, Kolkata in 2007. And some were at Gallery Espace, New Delhi in 2006. Goud’s work has been in the São Paulo Biennale, Brazil, in 1977. It was also in Indian Art Tomorrow at the Philips Collection, Washington D.C., in 1986.


He is a master of media. He has succeeded with oil, acrylic, and watercolor. He has also done well with pen, ink, etching, and bronze and terracotta sculpture. He was born in a village in Andhra Pradesh. He spent his childhood observing rural traditions and crafts. These included leather puppetry and terracotta ornaments. His key theme reflects these years. It is the special earthiness and innocence of rural life in India.

Art by Laxma Goud transports viewers to a rustic past. His paintings and drawings have exquisite colors. There, men in bright clothes and women with fancy jewelry revel. They revel among animals and lavish flowers. HE CAPTURES BOTH THE SIMPLICITY OF THESE VILLAGERS AND THEIR UNSELFCONSCIOUS EROTICISM. AS HE HAS APTLY SAID, “THERE IS EROTICISM IN NATURE ITSELF.” Laxma Goud got a painting diploma from the University of Hyderabad. Later, he studied mural painting and printmaking at M.S. University, Baroda. He is an iconic Indian artist. He has received a Padma Shri award. He has exhibited in India and abroad. This includes shows in New York, Washington D.C., and Sao Paulo.

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