Jagadish Chinthala – Best Man front Angle

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Best Man
Year : 2000
Edition of 7
Acrylic on Aluminium
Dimensions 69x49x33 cm


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Jagadish Chinthala was born in 1956 Jagdish holds a Diploma in Painting from College of Fine Arts, JNTU, Hyderabad and Post Diploma in Mural Design from M.S.University Baroda. He has received a Research Grant from Lalit Kala Academy, British Council and Charles Wallace India Traveling Grant for study with Henry Moore.

He has received awards from All India Exhibition, A.P. State Lalit Kala Exhibition Triennale International Exhibition India, Bharat Bhavan Biennial of Contemporary Indian Art and The Pollock Krasner Foundation.

Jagdish Chintala sculpts fibre glass masks of people he sees from all walks of life. They are inspired by the Art Deco work. His recent works are three dimensional and inspired by folk sculptures. He also works with Aluminium.

Chintala’s inspiration for his popular papier-machesculptures originated from his work in Doordarshan in his early days of career. Back then he created multiple low-cost animal puppets for a Children’s show to be used by the kids. These puppets were not only lightweight, but also vivacious in its appearance, which led to its massive success. He then started perfecting his art work using papier mache as medium, while hiscontemporaries were using a metal medium. In his opinion, papier mache is a medium with endless possibilities, but a tricky one to work with. His initial works of art echoed the vibrancy of his roots, Telangana and its culture, but as he started traveling the length and breadth of the globe, his work started reflecting the cross-cultural attire, expressions, sophistication and much more. As his art evolved, so did his medium and he switched to aluminium, where editions are easier comparedto papier mache according to the artist.

He works almost twelve hours a day and passionately callsboth his studios his lab. As an artist he has transcended the mundane art form on flat canvas and created quirky three – dimensional paper collages, masks and tubular sculptures, each with its own unorthodox identity and a sublime narrative.

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Best Man front Angle–>Acrylic on Aluminium with Dimensions 69 x 49 x 33 cm

Dimensions 69 × 49 × 33 in

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