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Size: 60/60 Inches
Medium: Oil on canvas

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Hanumantha Rao Devulapalli Paintings

Hyderabad based artist Hanumantha Rao Devulapalli started his journey with Eenadu Telugu newspaper as a layout artist soon after his graduation in 1984. After a couple of years he moved to the advertising field until 2005, holding many positions and with an enviable track record.

All this while he pursued his passion – painting and participated in art exhibitions starting from 1998.

Hanumantha’s abstract works have an intrinsic thoughtful quality regarding them. He tries to capture self-examining imagery and forms in layers of colours, that are inspired by yoga and meditations, which he regularly practises. His art, a beautiful mix of shades and textures, is each appealing and energizing, taking viewers through a journey of peace and happiness.

While explaining his work Hanumanth says “In My present work is an abstract interpretation of contemplative imageries and forms that move constantly through the layers of Elysian passages in my own sanity. When I capture the evanescent images that reside in the far reaches of mind onto the canvas, every stroke is a discovery. But that is just the beginning. I labour over my work of art with elaborate layering, lacerating and texturing. The entire process is like a journey inward – A journey into a deep musing, a world of its own, and an ethereal world. The intent is to take the viewers into a meditative state of mind and make them experience the joy. To share the contemplation and enrich the soul. Yes, one cannot agree more.

All these years helped me learn and perceive such a lot of nuances in the field of art. throughout that point I’ve scribbled, sketched and painted several subjects like still life, anatomy and landscapes, read art critics, regarding artists and art forms. This education helped me to be a critic of my very own work and grow as an artist.

Dimensions 60 × 60 in

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