Thota Vaikuntam

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Thota Vaikuntum
Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions 60*48in
Year: 2016

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Thota Vaikuntam Paintings bring a calmness of spirit and tranquillity to all those who see them. He avoids an obviously disturbing form but instead has repeated the pictorial motifs extensively. At the emotional level, his aim appears to be, to create, a harmony between an imaginative concept and his technical expertise. His paintings deal with the theme of Love, which is always indirect and veiled. He does this successfully by using symbols like the parrot and mirror. The mirror reflects the Nayika’s mood and the parrot her gentleness. Vaikuntam’s parrot appears as an ardent listener to the lover’s woes. Thota Vaikuntam Paintings India.

The line of Vaikuntam has a magical quality suggesting both contour and volume. He consciously transforms the line of force, volume, and tactile feeling into one of decoration to suit his purpose. The eroticism thus appears very subtle and merely suggestive. Thota Vaikuntam Serigraphs India

Like the folk painters, the placement of the form, without illusionistic depth, the decorative pattern on the fabric, the endless repetition of typical form show Vaikuntam’s urbane approach and makes it clear that he could remodel and restructure any tradition for working out his style. Undisturbed by the environment we concentrate on the psychological tensions generated on purely human terms. These small paintings with large figures occupy the viewers gaze. They seem to be prisoners of their own decorated garments and jewelry that symbolize societal rules. U powerful images of women, Vaikuntam explains and illumines the rich meaning of feminine beauty.

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Acrylic on canvas with Dimensions 60*48 in

Dimensions 60 × 48 in

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