Madhu Kuruva Paintings

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Title: Untitled
Size: 24X 24
Medium: Acrylic On Canvas
Year: 2021.

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I belong to a small village, Konkala, where I did my schooling. It was in this verdant surrounding that I discovered and developed my passion for drawing and painting. The joy feelings and emotions that I experienced in the lap of nature has left an indelible impact on Madhu Kuruva paintings. Coming from a family of strong etiquette’s and rules, nature to me epitomised a freedom, a benediction and a bond that has since became the base of my attempting to understand and grapple with the mysteries of being and existence. I love to paint the versatility of nature on white sheets.

Madhu Kuruva paintings question boundaries – between figurations and abstract, between humans and nature as in the flora and fauna that surrounds us.

I believe in the infinite powers of nature and the mind and its quintessential creativity. My art is a way that I express myself in the world. The mind does not think in watertight compartments, the creation around me is seamless and deeply mysterious. It is this experience of seamlessness, wonder and mystery that I seek to express and create in my paintings.

An artist uses visual representations to decipher and decode the deeper meanings of the world and one’s own mind. There is an intense yearning that I try to express, a yearning and a feeling of ineluctable loss of the holistic vision. But above all, my work is a visual articulation and felicitous imagination of the synergy of humans and nature and the joy that arises of such a union. It is also an encounter with the mystery of life itself.

My art is a vision, and a quest for a world where nature is not dominated but is in unison with humans.

There is a long way that civilisation has traversed, marked by intense technological advancement but we have forgotten the quintessential way of being and of oneness – the ethics of mutuality and care and the interrelatedness of humans and nature. But at the same time, a new way also needs to be carved out that distances itself from ideologies of dominance as well as from the age old dictates and customs that impede the individual creativity and expression. This is what, I believe my art epitomises.

Dimensions 24 × 24 in

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