Anuradha Thakur – Festive Rhythm Painting


Festive Rhythm-67
Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions of 24*30 inches

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About Anuradha Thakur

Anuradha is the Indian artist who has captured the essence of India’s tribal people in all their spirit and sanctity. Anuradha’s paintings have been influenced by the lifestyles of tribes during her association with Dr. Abhay Bang. She worked among the tribes of Gadchiroli area which gave her deeper insight. Further her extensive travels across India gave her a wider experience with various tribes in the region which stretched from Gujrat in the west to the Sikkim and Nepal in the north.

Although from Ahmednagar, artist Anuradha Thakur fell in love with the tribals of Gadchiroli in distant Vidrbha region. She spent time in the Naxal infested district to study the lives of the Gond tribals of Gadchiroli. Anuradha then also toured Adivasi districts of Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat and other states and portrayed their lives in her paintings.

The exhibition of her paintings was inaugurated by well known artist Ashok Bhoumik at the India International Centre.

About Product

The product is Acrylic on Canvas with a Dimensions of length:24 and height:30

Dimensions 24 × 30 in

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