Anjani Reddy – III

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Flower Festival
Acrylic on Canvas
Dimension : 42*48 inches

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Anjani Reddy

Artist Anjani Reddy born in 1951, captures emotions and innocence of women dressed in colourful and traditional Indian attire in her canvases. Having completed her diploma in Painting from JNT University, Hyderabad, she started giving meaning to the voice of women through her paintings. She choosesregular woman as her subject, either busy in day to day chores or having a dialogue with nature or recalling lost childhood or bubbling in festivities with fellow women and family. Her wedding series, illustrating the Indian marriage ceremonies was full of vibrant hues and cheerful spirits. She has been awarded Raja Ravi Verma Samman for her alluring artworks. She has exhibited her works across many nations.

Anjani Reddy arts symbolize the spirit of a woman, her strength of mind and her fecundity. If there is another definite theme you will find in her work, it is a sense of nostalgia.

The vigor of the paintings lies in the colors used. “Anjani Reddy stands firmly on a very satiated sense of womanhood. Celebrating her memories in vivid colours, her canvas becomes a lyrical picture oscillating between realism and make believe,” says Atiya Amjad, an art critic.

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The product is Acrylic on Canvas with a Dimensions of 42*48 inches

Dimensions 42 × 48 in

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